Why We Created OOYM Fitness

We knew we found a better way…

To workout.
To break through plateaus.
To unleash the body’s full potential.
To stay motivated every step of the way.

We wanted to break our system down so that anyone could use it to get to their personal pinnacle level of fitness.

“This is the exact system I wish existed when I first started training”

“It’s frustrating to learn more about fitness sometimes because you realize how much time you’ve wasted training with inefficient methods in the past”

It took 2 years to assemble a program that we are both happy with…

We started at Level 5 and worked our way backward to level 1 to develop our exercise progressions.


If you can do a push up and a body weight squat, you can get Out Of Your Mind!
Why does it work?

1. Every exercise has been carefully selected to build strength, coordination, and harness your body’s capability to move: this is functional training!

2. Every workout has been carefully programmed with the sets, reps, and rest you need to stimulate change in the most time efficient program ever.

3. Every week your workouts have been carefully scheduled to allow for optimal recovery so you can hit it hard every time you’re in the gym.

… Think plans are for Goobers? Think again. If you coast through your workouts on autopilot (we’ve all done it), you’re not maximizing the time you spend in the gym. OOYM has everything you need planned, programmed and written down for you. When you get into the gym OOYM is all you need for maximum smilage*
How are we different?

We are thoughtfully independent. We made a bold decision early on to do this independently and assembled a small team who believed in the program as much as we did


175+ Exercises. All Killer, No Filler

Being a part of a large company could have forced us to create 5 different products at a higher cost to you. We wanted 5 levels on one DVD set to create the best product with the best results.

We maintain creative control
This is not your typical DVD on purpose
We do not yell at you, we teach you how to progress through the levels and raise your fitness level and your abilities every workout


*Maximum Smilage:

1. The smile you get after a challenging obstacle has been overcome. 2. A smile derived from the satisfaction of a job well done.